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Proactive Landscape Management

Green, through and through

Emerald Landscape utilizes environmentally friendly practices to reduce pollutants, and conserve natural resources without compromising landscape appearance. Our green efforts extend across every aspect of our business. 
• 100% of green waste is recycled. 
• 100% of plant containers are recycled. 
• Water conservation is actively encouraged through the use of technology available: SMART controllers 
• Certified Water Managers are on staff for recommendations 
• Best practices are followed to reduce system overspray, run-off and property damage
• Our mulch comes from recycled wood. 
• We operate mulching mowers that eliminate green waste, replenish topsoil and reduce chemical run off to                produce a strong turf root system that requires less water.
• We do not use any chemicals rated “warning” or “danger.” 
• Chemical usage is minimized by integrated pest management. 
• Our in-house mechanics service our power equipment on a regular basis to reduce carbon emissions and                  increase fuel efficiency. 
• Our updated and maintained truck fleet saves fuel cost. 
• All petroleum based waste products are recycled.
• Whenever possible, we recommend turf / shrubs / plants that are environmentally friendly, pest/insect resistant      and drought tolerant.
• Working with our customers to increase sustainability by following the above practices  improves                                  landscape appearance without increasing the cost of maintaining the property.